Published by the excellent Pocket Mountains, my book work ranges from a two-year adventure researching, writing and taking pictures for a series of Scottish wildlife travel guides to co-writing a mountain biking skills and techniques book together with two former pro riders.

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wildlife traveller series - Scottish islands

Journeying west through the Inner Hebrides to St Kilda and north to Orkney and Shetland, this guide features 40 of the very best wildlife destinations in Scotland’s magical islands. Distinct in size and character, with towering sea cliffs, fragile machair and glorious beaches, Scotland’s islands support many of its most dramatic and vulnerable species. This guide shows readers where to go, and when, to experience eagles, whales, basking sharks, and more than a million seabirds.

wildlife traveller series - scottish mainland

Travelling from the south of Scotland up through the Highlands to Cape Wrath in the far north, this guide highlights 40 of the finest wildlife destinations on the Scottish mainland. Between them, the locations showcase Scotland’s wealth of internationally important habitats from its famous firths to temperate coastal rainforest and Caledonian pinewoods. This guide shows readers where to go, and when, to experience otters, ospreys, bottlenose dolphins and many other captivating species.

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trailriding tips and techniques

Co-written alongside former World Cup mountain bike riders Emma Guy and Tracy Brunger during their time running the Hub in the Forest at Glentress, this guide is based on the back-to-basics philosophy that took them to the very top of the sport – from essential bike set-up to building the skills needed to become a complete mountain biker.